Woodcraft sales    


Woodcraft sales is having a short sabbatical in order to sort
out pricings etc. However, if you need something, especially if
you have been sent to me by Jonathan Huett, please don't
hesitate to contact me, and I'll let you know a price and a link
to purchase it.
I look forward to hearing from you.


Oh, these sunny spring days! I love this time of year for the mix of weather we get and that unmistakable sense of 'beginning' in the air! No bees yet, but the odd butterfly, and the buds are just started starting to show. The catkins are lovely to see, but the pollen from the yew tree that's all over the car...


Is the beech the most beautiful snow covered tree? Better than a tin sled christmas tree anyway. I was walking home last monday and one beech tree stopped me in my tracks (and the tracks of rabbit, fox and squirrel as well actually). It was dusk, so the snowless spaces under the yew trees stood out like black holes, and above them stood this beech tree with every delicate twig frosted against a grey/white sky.

  The whole country is is being thrashed by gales and torrential rain; two weeks ago we had a tornado rip through where I live, knocking down trees, and leaving us without electricity for the the day. No matter, as the ground becomes soggy with leaves, and the evenings keep promising our first frost of the winter, the ferrets and I have only one thing on our mind; the nets are checked and packed, and there's a nice looking bury up the lane...

Ahhh wild raspberries.. and in a sun trap up the lane, my first blackberry of the year. Can it really be autumn in a little while? Our conker trees are being devoured by leaf borers, and every now and again a cloud of the white adults takes to the air. Suddenly there are unripe conkers on the floor with teeth marks in, and I look forward to seeing the dark brown shiny nuts in a while, but without wishing the summer away. With all the rain we've had it's easy to start thinking about log fires instead of barbeques, but I reckon we'll get a good August and September.




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